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The Rocky Road to Dublin [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Irish Punk and Rawk

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Michael Brunnock [Apr. 15th, 2009|12:09 pm]
Irish Punk and Rawk

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[what are you listening to? |"Fallen Leaves" - Michael Brunnock]

The bridge of this song rocks out like mad!


New profile on Reverb Nation. Check it out and become a fan!
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The Prodigals... [Nov. 3rd, 2008|09:33 pm]
Irish Punk and Rawk

...are this Irish band who recently had some songs in that new movie Pride and Glory. They're really good - they sound like The Pogues. They're also kind of big in New York, and I found two of their songs, "The Opening Reel" and "Bunch Of Red Roses," could be downloaded here and here. Check out their Myspace, I promise if you like The Pogues, you will like them. 
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Governor's Island festival [Aug. 19th, 2008|10:23 am]
Irish Punk and Rawk


Irish Artist Michael Brunnock to Support Veteran Rockers
The Saw Doctors at Governor's Island festival

The Saw Doctors set at the Governor's Island Concert Series will kick
off in style this week with Irish singer-songwriter Michael Brunnock
wowing the audience at this inaugural event.

Never before has there been a concert series of this magnitude and
scope on the island and for three days concert-goers will rock out at
this nearly sold-out festival, but on the third day, Brunnock will
open for the legendary Saw Doctors and it promises to be a
not-to-be-missed concert.

This ground-breaking festival will open with the music man from Meath
in Ireland and his melodic and thumping folk-rock songs are set to
bring the 20,000-plus crowd to life.

With iconic songs like 'Man Overboard', telling of the Irish
experience of coming to the US for the first time, to the hypnotic
charms of 'Fallen Leaves' picking out rhythmic heart-wrenching lyrics,
chords and melody, Brunnock is a force to be reckoned with.

Playing regularly as a well-known and loved singer in the
singer-songwriter circuits in Downtown New York, Brunnock wowed a
sold-out audience in the Bowery Ballroom earlier this year, has a
residency slot at the Red Lion, completed a tour in Ireland and is
fast becoming the up and coming Irish voice on the acoustic New York

"It's a great honor to open for Irish legends the Saw Doctors.
They're a lot of fun and I'm excited about playing to such a large
outdoor festival. This will be a very special gig and I'm looking
forward to it very much," Brunnock said.

His second CD, 'So I Do', received to high critical acclaim, was
described as "Neil Young meets Coldplay on a bus while on vacation in
Ireland" and "a truly a fresh and unique album".

Limited tickets are still available for the event and can be obtained
from www.govislandconcerts.com.

Further information is available at www.michaelbrunnock.com and
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Attention West Belfast! [Aug. 7th, 2008|12:34 pm]
Irish Punk and Rawk

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Bell X1 [Jun. 2nd, 2008|03:34 pm]
Irish Punk and Rawk

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Bell X1 Interview on Paddy-Whacked™ Radio!
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Vote for BalconyTV! [Apr. 14th, 2008|12:17 am]
Irish Punk and Rawk

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Excerpted from Paddy-Whacked Radio™ news:

Up for a 2008 Webby Award, BalconyTV was nominated in the Viral Video category. As you likely know, BalconyTV has been running daily since June 2006, bringing you the best in Irish music from a tiny balcony overlooking Dame Street, including Paddy-Whacked Radio™ staples like Kiernan McMullan, Paddy Casey, and Garrett Wall. The Webby winners are chosen by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, but you can vote for BalconyTV for the Webby’s “People’s Voice” award by clicking here. Show your support for the people who support Irish music!
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Paddy-Whacked Radio™ [Apr. 3rd, 2008|10:55 pm]
Irish Punk and Rawk

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For all the latest in Irish indie music and Irish indie music news, why not subscribe to pwradiofm and pwradionews. This brings you all the updates on the podcast / FM Broadcast / news from Paddy-Whacked Radio™, Irish Indie Music for Your Ears, straight to your friends page!
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"Man Overboard" [Mar. 29th, 2008|06:32 pm]
Irish Punk and Rawk

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[what are you listening to? |"Man Overboard (Live at Joe's Pub)" - Michael Brunnock]

"A song about emigrating from Ireland"

Michael Brunnock

Another great song from Michael Brunnock from 3/6/08 @ Joe's Pub. More here.
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Happy St. Patrick's Day! [Mar. 17th, 2008|08:08 pm]
Irish Punk and Rawk

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